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You know what really tickles me??

In The Devils Foot Holmes basically says ‘I don’t fall in love but if I were hypothetically to love someone and they were killed then hypothetically I’d probably kill their murderer’ and then

AND THEN when Watson is shot by Winters in Three Garridebs Holmes literally fucking tells Winters in the presence of Watson that ‘If you had killed Watson, you would have not got out of this room alive.’


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I was just thinking about Sherlock’s father telling Mary that his wife is a flake but a genius, and that she’s unbelievably hot. 

And it occurred to me that while I’ve been shipping it with my whole heart all this time, I may have underestimated how devastatingly attractive Sherlock actually is to John. There is the constant staring as a big hint, of course. The lip-licking, sure. The “being all cool with your cheekbones” comment, his agreement with Mary that watching someone you love storming into a dangerous situation is “a tiny bit sexy.” He knows. Of course he knows! He’s been experiencing that first hand, obviously!

But then this comment from Sherlock’s father which puts it all very plainly. He’s John, isn’t he? The mirror image and the future image. Sherlock says as much when John asks Sherlock on the stag night if he’s pretty, as far as I can tell. Sherlock’s impression of what’s attractive is based on childhood impressions, influences and role models. Of course John is attractive to him. John is perfect, as far as Sherlock is concerned. He’s the vitruvian man.

John is to Sherlock what Sherlock’s father is to Sherlock’s brilliant mother. And he says to Mary what John can’t quite manage to say to anyone, not even his therapist. Not yet, anyway. It’s what he will say, one day, when this drama and excitement is all over. When he’s an old man sitting and humming and looking back over the amazing things they’ve done together. Yes, Sherlock is a flake. He’s also a genius. And…he’s unbelievably hot. There was no other option for him. He couldn’t have chosen otherwise. He’ll drink his punch and hum to himself and Sherlock will finish his sentences and give him an affectionate pat.

Sorry, John. You’re already a passenger on this train, and it’s clearly only going in one direction. Good thing you don’t really want to be anywhere else.

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I think my favorite thing about Pac Rim is that it gave us the term Drift Compatible


because in English there is no good way to explain a very deep, often, platonic, love and understanding between two people of the same or opposite sex. The closest thing we have is best friend and that doesn’t dig deep enough for some people or explain the absolute love between people that has nothing to do with sexual or romantic desires.

I don’t want to fuck you or romance you, I want to love and understand you on such a deep level that sometimes its like we share the same mind. We’re drift compatible.

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Can we just imagine that Harry, Ron, and Hermione are all used to Rita’s shit at this point that they’re amused by it all. So when ever they find another one of her articles about them, they have a drinking game where they all get together and read the article out loud.

"Alright, she’s called me The Chosen One twice now. That’s two shots for me."

"Ooh, look! She’s still using the TriWizard Tournament. Shots all around. Still holding on to the femme fatale theory, I don’t think she’s ever going to let that go. At least she’s left Hugo and Rose out of it this time.”

"She’d be a nutter not to Hermione, not after that Howler you sent her the last time. Either way, do I get a shot for every family member or just me? Because If I have to drink for all of them, I don’t think Neville’s going to be the one with a drinking problem in the next Prophet."

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This is the same man.

This works quite nicely at debunking the “beefcake guys in comics are objectified for women just like women in comics are for men!” imo.  On the left: a magazine tailored for a male audience, showing him in full beefcake-type mode with headlines about how you, too, can look like this.  On the right: a magazine tailored for a female audience, which has a headline about romance and shows him looking more or less like a normal dude.

Tell me again how comic book guys are designed for female sexual enjoyment, completely equivalent to anatomically-improbable spines and giant tits with their own individual centers of gravity, and totes aren’t just male power fantasies.


Women don’t treat men the way men treat women.

it’s also worth noting that despite all the geeks complaining about women’s impossible standards, the fantasy on the right sets a really really easy low bar to meet:

"cool clean friendly non-aggressive man who will cook a food for u"

yep what an unfair standard to be subjected to

Please cook a food for me, Hugh Jackmans.

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Everyone should watch Sky High for the sheer fact that there is a character whose mother is a superhero and father is a super villain and the kid’s name is Warren Peace. 

Warren Peace, man. 

He also looks like this, if that helps at all


This movie is ridiculously underrated and the fact that they didn’t get to make it a four-part series like they had planned is a tragedy